Our emergency response service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a maritime casualty and claims & legal emergency in Bangladesh, please call the following number to speak with us directly.

  • Chittagong Port
  • Mongla Port
  • Payra Port
  • Pangaon Inland Container Terminal
  • Dhaka Admiralty Court
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Zillur Rahman Bhuiyan

Admiralty Consultant

Zillur Rahman Bhuiyan has been involved with Assurance Maritime Bangladesh Limited since its inception and is also the Admiralty Consultant of the firm. He is primarily involved in emergency response, crisis management, incident investigation & reconstruction and handling of maritime casualties and claims. He has nearly 30 years of experience in marine survey & claims sector.

Zillur stands out for his vast experience in admiralty matters and attended numerous maritime casualties: collisions, groundings, fires & explosions, heavy weather damage, total loss, cargo damage, unsafe ports, and salvage in Bangladesh and abroad. Zillur also assists the ship-owners, managers & operators and crews in the management of a casualty and in the investigations of international bodies, government agencies and third parties. His broad expertise extends to P&I condition surveys and JH2013/007 A, B, C & D surveys.

Zillur spent a total of 14 years at sea, four years of which is as a Master on a variety of deep-sea vessels. He is a member of the Nautical Institute, UK, International Institute of Marine Surveying, UK., National Association of Marine Surveyors – NAMS-Global, USA and a fellow of the Nautical Institute, UK, International Institute of Marine Surveying, UK.