Our emergency response service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a maritime casualty and claims & legal emergency in Bangladesh, please call the following number to speak with us directly.

  • Chittagong Port
  • Mongla Port
  • Payra Port
  • Pangaon Inland Container Terminal
  • Dhaka Admiralty Court
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Our specialist claims team utilises their established understanding of shipping supply chain and associated risks environment to produce some truly amazing solutions.

We assist the P&I clubs, fixed premium facilities, liability insurers, and their members & assured on a wide range of matters where and when they need it: whether it is P&I correspondence service or on site attendance, timely and accurate advice, provision of a letter of undertaking or prompt settlement of claims. We also provide them early and effective advice on emerging or actual risk situations, take appropriate loss prevention measures to mitigate potential claims and liabilities.

We are experienced in handling all sorts of P&I claims including personnel injury, illness & death, diversions, cargo loss & damage, stowaways, FFO claims and fines & penalties.

We are the leader in maritime intelligence & fraud investigation in Bangladesh and provide investigative consulting expertise necessary to handle claims and resolve dispute through fact-finding, critical analysis and ship, container, cargo & other maritime assets tracking.


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